The ISO 9001 family of standards is primarily concerned with quality management.
This means what what we do to:

  • satisfy customer quality expectations
  • meet applicable regulatory requirements
  • enhance customer satisfaction
  • achieve continual improvement of our performance in pursuit of these objectives

Sofix operates a Quality Management System, which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001 for the following scope:

Management System for the Quality of the Manufacture, Warehousing, and Distribution of chemicals.

Quality Policy

  • Quality first for customer satisfaction by providing products that meet or exceed customer expectation
  • Active pursuit of continual improvement of the effectiveness of Quality Management System by implementing the Quality Objectives established by Sofix Management and a commitment from all Sofix employees to reach these objectives


  • Consistently meet or exceed customer quality expectations
  • Meet delivery requirements
  • Provide responsive, dependable, and personable service all the way to the end user