The RC14001®:2015 Technical Specification is concerned with the management of environmental, health, safety, security and transportation concerns that pertain to Sofix. This means what what we do to:

  • achieve environmental sustainability
  • promote management commitment and employee involvement
  • analyze the worksite to identify potential hazards
  • develop and maintain controls for workplace hazards
  • address security concerns - both physical and cyber
  • address transporation of incoming and outgoing materials
  • comply with all regulatory requirements
  • achieve continual improvement of our performance in all of these areas

Sofix operates Management Systems which comply with the requirements of RC14001®:2015 Technical Specification for the following scope:

Management System for the Environmental, Health, Safety, Security, and Transportation risks associated with the Manufacture, Warehousing, and Distribution of chemicals.

Environmental, Health, Safety, Security, and Transportation Policy

Sofix is dedicated to the highest standards of EHSS&T practices. Our EHSS&T Policy confirms our commitment to operate our facility in an ethical, safe, secure, and environmentally sound manner that emphasizes people, community, and planet.

Our commitments:

  • Comply with all relevant legislative, statutory, and regulatory requirements
  • Ensure that this policy is in alignment with the Nagase Group
  • Follow the RC14001 Guiding Principles as referenced in Section 5.2 (g) of the RC14001®:2015 Technical Specification
  • Ensure our activities reflect our commitment to Product Stewardship, Process Safety, and Security
  • Assess and analyze all Aspects and Impacts related to EHSS&T, whether deemed “significant” or “non-significant” to develop appropriate Objectives and Targets
  • Review the objectives and targets of our EHSS&T programs and determine the suitability, adequacy and efficacy of the established management system and ensure continual improvement
  • Minimization and prevention of pollution, conservation of resources and energy by setting relevant objectives and targets for waste reduction and consumption of resources and energy
  • Conduct adequate planning for hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control
  • Elimination of preventable work related injuries and illness
  • Promote continuing training for all team members on EHSS&T awareness
  • Share experiences and best practices with interested parties, suppliers and customers as appropriate
  • Promote RC14001®:2015 standards to interested parties, suppliers, customers
  • Report our progress in these endeavors
  • Document, implement, maintain, and periodically review this Policy to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate to Sofix


  • Continual Improvement of Environmental Performance
  • Minimize Carbon Footprint
  • Reduce Risk of Spills and Leaks
  • Furnish to each of our employees a place of employment which is free from recognized hazards that cause or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm
  • Continually improve our Health and Safety programs to reduce risks related to Sofix activities, and products
  • Meet or exceed all regulatory, legal and other requirements
  • Security of Sofix people, assets, facility, and intelectual property
  • Address Transportation issues and potential issues